Monday, May 02, 2005

I Yam What I Yam

I have always hated sweet potatoes. Blech. HATE THEM. I don't care how much sugar and junk you mix in, I don't like them one bit. Which is not to say I won't feed them to my children when they are babies, though The Boy and The Girl don't like sweet potatoes much now. We've done rice cereal and carrots and so I thought it was time to try The Baby on another new food. I grabbed a sweet potato at the grocery store to steam and mash up into baby food. But instead of an orange sweet potato, I bought a light yellow colored yam -- I was a little surprised when I started peeling the skin off. I steamed and mashed it and took a taste. Much to my amazement, it actually tasted good. Even without any salt, pepper, or butter, it was good. I never knew. I'm actually thinking about cooking them for dinner sometime.

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