Thursday, June 16, 2005


I just harvested the first okra of the season, which is pretty exciting, but then again -- what does one do with three pods?


Rachel Ann said...

Put it in chicken soup. It gives the soup a creamy kind of texture.

frazier said...

Supplement the three with a bushel of store-bought okra and fry 'em up, of course!

Jordana said...

That's what I did last year, Frazier.
Last night I steamed the three pods and melted a little butter on them. They were quite good. When you lightly steam the whole thing, they have a nice flavor and a creamy texture inside.
Fried is still better though.

jim said...

You could make a tiny gumbo.

Mary said...

I was looking at my jalapeno peppers yesterday and they look like an appropriate size but they are still green. The little label says that they mature to a red color. Do you know whether I pick them and THEN they turn red or do I wait until they turn red on the bush?
Have you ever heard of the cucumber in a jar trick?
Stop me if you have....
You put a little baby cuke in a small mouthed jar and cover it with a towel to prevent it from cooking in the sun.
Then it grows to a large size and you can make people wonder how you got this huge cuke in a jar.
I thought it was a cute idea.
Now I just have to find a jar...the kids use the jars for frogs and fireflies.
(hey that is a nice name for something....Frogs & Fireflies)

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