Friday, June 24, 2005

Religion -- Mangled Two Year Old Style

We've been teaching the older two kids to say The Lord's Prayer as a place to start with memorizing passages of Scripture and to aid them in saying their own prayers. They both have it mostly memorized, but The Girl's version is rather questionable. She usually says, "Give us our trespasses."

This week we are also in the midst of the late nights, sugar highs and camp songs that seem to be required at VBS. The theme and memory verse for this year's classes is, "Nothing is impossible with God." Everyone thinks it is absolutely adorable that The Girl sits on the front row, sings all the songs and has the verse memorized. They aren't listening too closely though, because she doesn't say impossible. She always says "possible," which changes the theology just a smidge -- to something more akin to the Unitarian position, I'd imagine.


Hector said...

Wouldn't the Unitarian position be:
"Nothing is impossible with god(s), if any"?

Blair said...

There are two of these stoies in my family...
1) my grandmother kept wondering where the bear they sang about was... as in gladly the cross eyed bear... better known as "Gladly the cross I'd bear"
2) during VBS they asked what Lot's wife turned into when she turned back to look... in true fashion (for my family at least) my aunt replied "a frog"... you just have to love kids at church... I now have another story! Thanks for sharing!

Rachel Ann said...

Ah come on. It would be nice to be GIVEN trespasses! Too cute Jordana.

MarcV said...

Oh, I think most people generate plenty of their own trespasses so that God does not have to give them out.
I like "debts/debtors" to the trespass version. When you have a whole church full of people saying the Lord's Prayer out-loud, it tends to sound like a den of vipers (especially when a few linger on the hisses for effect).

Jordana said...

Marc, we don't say the Lord's Prayer at church. I'm used to "trepasses" from my college days at an Episcopal school. Actually, when I put the kids to bed we say "trespasses," which The Girl prefers. When Justin puts them to bed, they say "sins," which is what The Boy prefers.

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