Friday, July 08, 2005

Pearly White and Very Sharp

I forgot to mention that The Wee One got her first tooth on the Fourth of July, just a few days after she reached her eighth month. It's not big enough to photograph yet and I think she is working on two more, but here she is on the day of the first tooth's arrival.


She may be toothed and pulling up and cruising, but she still looks far younger and shorter than all the other babies her age. I'm not sure of her percentiles, but we met a seven month old last night who had a good six inches of length on her.


Lenise said...

Yay, Bea! I hope she's been taking the tooth pain in stride. Jay's done pretty well, but I did give him the Baby Orajel on a few occasions. Of course, he liked it and wanted the whole tube. Good thing I'm a meanie ;)

Sarah G. said...

Toothies! They are so cute when they get their first teeth. I hope she hasn't been too grumpy.

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