Friday, August 12, 2005

Boogery Goodness

There is nothing quite like cutting your child's fingernails and halfway through a hand, finding a still fresh booger stuck to a finger. Either the child was saving it for later or it was one that just wouldn't wipe off. Either way, my hands got a good scrubbing after that job.


Mary said...

Kids do make lots of boogers!
I wanted to ask you in advance....
My son is taking German this year and we may require occasional help. If I throw some questions your way can you help us?

Jordana said...

Mary, I could always try to help, but I suspect there are a lot of people out there better qualified and more able to answer German questions. I have a masters in German lit, but I got it in 1997 and have use German very, very little since then.

mary said...

I understand.
I think if I can sit down with him from the very beginning I can help him.
I took Spanish many many years ago.
like 20+
The German teacher is very nice so that is a plus.

David Royal said...

Eww. I didn't realize your blog was rated BGR-13. ;)

LittleA said...

I may have misspelled that...might not be enough "R"s in it.
We have a saying around our house (that I probably should just keep to myself, but you know me - Mr. Blabbermouth...), "Hand picked to ensure freshness!"
Ok, I think I'll go wash MY hands now.

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