Monday, August 22, 2005

Say A Little Prayer For Me

My older two children have found a new way to get on each other's nerves. When we say prayers at dinner time, they pray for each other.

Sounds great, right? Sweet, loving, kind? Well, it should be. They aren't praying for the other one to get sick, injured or otherwise disappear. They say nice things like, "Please help my sister get better." Somehow it has the same effect on the sibling as if they had prayed, "Make my sister fall in a vat of boiling oil." The other child objects and prayers end noisily.

I sometimes have to implement a "no praying for your sibling rule." Brothers and sisters often find interesting ways to torment each other, but this is one I would never had thought of.


Terry Oglesby said...

That is rather odd--what's the beef? Wanting to ask God themselves instead of it being filtered through a sibling? Kids!

Earth Girl said...

When Ricky was about 8 years old, he started praying for his brother during dinner grace, but his prayers weren't as sweet as your children's prayers "Dear God, please forgive my brother Ron for (insert transgression)." Then he would insist it wasn't tattling.

chris said...

LOL!!! I am imagining your children going to Sunday school and telling people, "We aren't allowed to pray for our siblings."

Lenise said...

Just a glimpse of what I have to look forward to. Thanks, I think ;)

Patricia said...

Maybe it's just a homonym problem. You say, "Pray" and they think "prey" ;-)

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