Monday, September 19, 2005

Teacher In Da House

At the beginning of the school year at my son's school, the teachers visit their students at home. It's probably to make sure we are all in compliance with the no TV, no plastic toys and all organic food rules. Rats, I forgot to hide the Cheetos and put out some tie-dye!

Actually, I think the purpose of the visit is so that the teacher and family can get to know each other better. We had The Boy's home visit on Saturday. All was well, and the teacher ignored the TV, plastic toys and Cheetos. We had a nice chat and heard about how things are going from the teacher's perspective.

She asked us what we hoped for in The Boy's schooling -- what we were looking for. I hadn't thought much about it, but off the cuff I babbled something about wanting him to love learning, stay creative and be happy.

And the teacher told me that "studies show parents can't make their children be happy." I almost said, "Duh!" but didn't think that would set the right tone. But really, they needed to do a study to figure that out? Show of hands, did you think you could actually make your child happy? Sure the bribes will shut them up and sometimes win you a hug, but we all know that's not happiness.

Granted the teacher doesn't know us well and maybe there are some parents out there who think there is a mystical formula that will create happiness, but when I said happiness I really meant contentment. I want to instill in my children the ability to find contentment and peace no matter what good or ill might befall them.

Which is why we take them to church, teach them about God and also why we hope they will remain creative and interested in learning. To be happy and content, I think one must first have faith and second be able to amuse oneself.

I can't make anybody happy and I knew that without hearing about studies done on the subject. I do hope that we can give our children the foundations on which to make their own happiness, but the rest is really up to them -- not that they'll object to a few extra cuddles and trips to the ice cream parlor along the way.


angie said...

Amen! Preach it!! (Or blog it!)

Another Jordana said...

"To be happy and content, I think one must first have faith and second be able to amuse oneself."
I love that. That is profound.

Dean said...

Nice post, Jordana.
Did the teacher have any other studies to quote, like some proving that objects fall if you drop them, or that placing your hand directly in a fire is uncomfortable?

Steve the LLamabutcher said...


Lenise said...

Drat! There go my plans ;)

ben said...

Duh! :)

Patricia said...

Did you give Teacher your blog URL? ;-)

Jordana said...

I generally don't hand out my blog URL (or even admit that I have one) to people I know. I blurt it out once in a while, but generally it's just my little secret. I'm not sure how the people at The Boy's school would feel about my calling the place hippie German school anyway.

Patricia said...

That's okay. She can google you ;-)

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