Monday, October 24, 2005

Fashion Police

Occasionally, I try to leave the house in yoga pants, running shorts or a sweatshirt. For the last several months, any time I make such an attempt, my three year old has looked at me with a critical eye and asked, "Where are you wearing that?" When I tell her I plan to wear it to the grocery store or a walk to the park or some other place where dressing up doesn't seem necessary, she informs me in no uncertain terms that the clothes I have on do not pass muster and cannot be worn outside the house or yard.

Right now she still lets me out in public without makeup and other rather plain clothes, but I'm sure as her sense of fashion becomes further refined, you'll see me looking nicer when I leave the house. This is, I suppose, not a bad thing, and I'll never bow to the point of ridiculousness just to please my fashionista.

She's probably right. I shouldn't go out of the house in yoga pants or running shorts. I'm not sure I'm ready to give up sweatshirts though. Sometimes comfort outweighs fashion.


mary said...

I remember running out of the house once wearing white socks and these hideously ugly, but very comfy black rubbery slide on sandals.
I got to the preschool and noticed someone glance at my feet and looked down and thought "omigosh!"
Some of those mommies, I swear they dress up like they are going somewhere much more formal than preschool pickup!

Sarah G. said...

It's a crap shoot with me. Some days I make an effort others it's jeans and a t-shirt. Miss Rebecca, however, does seem to be happier when we match each other.

Lenise said...

So far, the only interest Jay has shown in my attire is when I wear my navy knit shirt with the three shiny little buttons. He loves those buttons!

Jordana said...

Lenise, Jay is a boy. My son has never cared what I wore. I think it tends to be the girls who worry about their clothes and the clothes of the people around them. I didn't mention it, but The Middle Girl also likes us to match (she wanted me to wear a green shirt and overalls the other day, because she was) and she also likes to pick out her dad's shirts and ties.

chris said...

So far my daughter only cares about her own clothes.

Lenise said...

Well, there's an advantage to 2 boys- I can wear whatever I want!

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