Friday, October 14, 2005

Web Search of the Day

Some one dropped by looking for ornaments for husband. While I think my husband is very ornamental (and useful) all on his own, here are a few other ornaments you might want to add to an ordinary husband to jazz him up.

(1) A necktie -- I like a nice regimental stripe, but use your best judgement.

(2) A tuxedo -- mmmm...shawl collars are especially recommended.

(3) A tool belt -- I love seeing my husband out fixing stuff and building.

(4) An apron -- this means an ordinary husband has become an extraordinary chef and cooked dinner.

(5) A lawnmower/weedeater -- sort of like #3.

I'm sure other ornaments will be lovely on a husband and really give him that nice decorative touch, feel free to add your favorites in the comments.


Lenise said...

My son is a great husband ornament, though his cuteness has been known to make the wearer (or bearer) practically invisible ;)

Terry Oglesby said...

I say a pocketknife. A man isn't a man without a pocketknife.

Meredith said...

We just added a new one for my husband's fall wardrobe: a combination blower & leaf vacuum. No more bits of raked leaves to cling to his flannel shirt!

chewymom said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog and am really enjoying it. I'm adding you to my blogroll!!

chris said...

I love all your ornament suggestions.

skinnydan said...

Real men need no ornaments. Real men are mere background imagery for their beautiful wives and adorable and well-behaved children.
In truth, the only ornament I really want is a hammock and a large book that I can fall asleep to.

MarcV said...

My wife, Lady Spud, would have simply answered, "Another Chicago Bears Christmas ornament for the tree." So far I have four, and it is with great pomp and ceremony that I secure them onto the Yuletide Ornament Holder (YOH)every year.
They need to be together but not too close. With every one placed on the YOH, the traditional wish of another Bear's Superbowl victory is made.
[Ooops, didn't mean to get all "footbally" on you like that!]

Jordana said...

That kind of "ornament for husband" takes all the fun out of decorating the husband himself though, Marc. ;)
My husband is particularly fond of airplane ornaments for the tree. We have mostly old airplanes, but we do have a B2 bomber ornament as well.

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