Friday, December 02, 2005

Christmas Presents

Ugh. I'm done shopping for presents for people for whom I know what to get. The others -- well that's the problem. Some people I have no idea what to get for them. What do you get for a teenage boy that doesn't cost a fortune? What do my husband's grandparents, who don't need anything, need? What about my mother-in-law? What do you get for a third baby who has access to every toy under the sun and more clothes than anyone should have? I just don't know.

As for the older two kids, they should be pleased with their presents from us. The Boy is going to get a wooden castle and some knights, which I found on a very good sale. The Middle Girl will be getting a wooden dollhouse that comes with furniture and dolls. It came from Target via Goodwill, brand new, unopened and I stumbled across it on a day when all the tags of its color were 50% off. I know Meredith would approve. Because you can never have too many dolls though, I bought her some extra wooden doll house dolls that normally run $15 and up for $10 at TJ Maxx when I ran across them there (just in case anyone else is looking for doll house dolls at a good price).


patricia said...

This is what we do for adults:
It lets the giftee (?) select what charity they'd like to support with your gift.

Chickadee said...

Blah...don't envy you. I'm worrying over what to get my hubby for Christmas. Good luck.

Tricia said...

Oh, oh!! Where did you find your castle, if I may ask? I have been looking for a wooden one for my boys. They, of course, have requested one with a dragon too. Don't know if I'll be able to fulfill that request.

Jordana said...

Tricia, this Melissa and Doug castle is what I got, but at the time I got it, Creative Brains was running all their knight stuff as their deal of the day and it was much less. They do have a combo deal where you get the castle and the knight dolls together at a slight sale price. Here's the castle at a better price than the store above currently has it.

Tricia said...

thanks, Jordana, for the great info. and for introducing me to Creative Brains. I'd never heard of them before and it turns out they also have a store a little ways from here. I'm sad I missed the Knights' special, but I've signed up for the Deal of the Day, so maybe next time! thanks again!

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