Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back On the Clock

The joy of vacations -- even sick ones -- is life off the clock. For the past week, we have stayed up later, gotten up later, and eaten our meals later. No one has been in a hurry and life has been peaceful.

But this morning? Off goes the alarm. We groan. We blink. We try to remember why we have to be conscious.

Breakfast can't be leisurely and large. Run. Put shoes on. Grab your hat and gloves.

It's time to get used to being back on a schedule.


Frazier said...

Welcome back to the real world. It's fun to pretend for a while, isn't it?

Lenise said...

You mean the Toddler doesn't get you up every morning? Jay's our alarm clock. I usually wake up before he "goes off", but I'll stay in bed until then unless it's a work day or I have a 9AM appt in Burlington. Usually, it's "ga ga GA ga". Not a bad way to wake up ;)

Jordana said...

The Toddler is often our alarm, but even she slept in longer last week -- perhaps because we all stayed up a bit later than usual and because she was sick.

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