Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Over our vacation time, my husband and I finally finished Icewind Dale, which we bought and started the first time when we only had one child in the family. Moves, children and getting stuck in a dungeon meant we let the game languish and finally started playing it again from the beginning a few months ago.

Now it is over and our two newest games just arrived from Amazon. The time has come for a decision -- Icewind Dale 2 or Baldur's Gate 2? It's so hard to choose.


LittleA said...

I'm a Baldur's Gate guy myself. Thought I haven't installed my BG2 yet as I'm replaying BG1 as a Paladin so I can export him to BG2 all souped up.
Then again, you probably are ok either way.

Jordana said...

We actually never played Baldur's Gate.

Dave Schuler said...

The first half hour of play of Baldur's Gate II is the most immersing gaming experience I've ever had. I've played through the game more than a half-dozen times and it's been fun every time. I can't recommend the game highly enough.

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