Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Right To Privacy

I beginning to think that the pro-abortion side isn't worried so much about a woman's lack of privacy before having kids. Instead, they realize that if a woman has the little rugrats, all her privacy will be forever taken away from her.

For many years now, I've had few opportunities to go to the bathroom and actually close the door. When I close the door, I usually hear banging and they start wanting descriptive details of what I'm doing in there.

We've now hit a new low. I had just closed the door and lowered myself onto the toilet when I heard a small voice.

"I'm watching you through the keyhole."

There is no escaping my captors.


Terry Oglesby said...

Duct tape. Either a piece over the keyhole, or around and around each of the little dears.
(By the way, the mom at our house has the same trouble.)

Frazier said...

Just start asking to see their warrants.

mary said...

I gave up a long time ago. I just leave the door open.
My 2 year old likes to "help" me. She gives encouragement and flushes the toilet when I am done.

Twilightmama said...

ROFL! That's how it plays out at our house, too.
And don't you love it when you have to take the little ones into the bathroom stall with you when you use a public bathroom? Then they start asking embarrassing questions (which everyone else in the bathroom can hear), like..."Mommy, are you pooping?" or "Mommy, why do you have glowing guitars on your panties?" and so on...Ugh.

RP said...

Do they at least cheer for you? I get: "YAY, Pappa! Nice pee!".

Lenise said...

There are advantages to having only one child-proofed room with a baby gate at each door... Of course, that only works so long.

Lenise said...

Also, your kids have got the wiretapping laws down sufficiently to know they have to notify you. There's something to be said for that!

Another Jordana said...

Omy, my husband had been preparing me for this sort of thing for years. (Not the keyhole thing, but, um . . . anyways.) Imagine my surprise as an only child when my new husband first came bursting into the bathroom for a chat just as I had settled down. Now that we have a baby, it's a common thing for me to use the bathroom and shower with two sets of eyes trained on me.
Seriously. I almost never go to the bathroom completely alone; at work, we have stalls, but that's not quite the same thing.

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