Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Why Not Chester Arthur?

The Boy has a problem. He's fascinated by Franklin Pierce and wants to read a biography about him. Unfortunately, there aren't many children's biographies of our fourteenth president -- at least not at our library.


RP said...

Ok. The White House website maintains interesting short biographies of all the past Presidents. I'd start there, J. They will also have links to other sites. Either way, though, there ought to be enough information to make a reasonably decent start and may even satisfy the Boy.

Jordana said...

Thank you, RP. I'll grab the bio from the White House site. We checked out a book that had a short biography of each president, but he was hoping for a book all about Franklin Pierce.

Frazier said...

Okay, copy of Franklin Pierce (Encyclopedia of Presidents) by Charnan Simon on its way to the Boy now.

Jordana said...

Frazier rocks!

Debbie said...

I live in the one-time hometown of Franklin Pierce: Concord, NH. Check out our library online, see what you can find: http://mls.onconcord.com Watch out for what happened with his 11yo son if you're avoiding JFK, MLK, etc.
Debbie (via MerchantShips)

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