Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It Was Good While It Lasted

I think we had slightly over a week where no one in the family was sick. Then The Middle Girl decided to pick up yet another mysterious stomach bug and threw up all over her dad and her brother's bed last night. We moved her downstairs to our room and she threw up about every hour for most of the night. She's holding down some fluids now, finally. Thank goodness.

Unlike her big brother who never seems to throw up into anything, but rather always hits bedding, parents, etc. The Middle Girl, after the initial eruption, threw up nicely into her "puke bowl" for the rest of the night. She also probably enjoyed the chance to boss us around, waking up every hour, yelling "Turn on the light!" and then reminding us to get her a wash cloth and rinse her bowl out after she was done.

I would really like to see the end of vomit around here for a while. Please.


ben said...

'I would really like to see the end of vomit around her for a while.' That's a line one doesn't hear every day. I believe it is a powerful heartfelt prayer.

Jennifer said...

Oh, delightful. My eldest is recovering from that mess now too. Can we be done with the sickness season now?

Another Jordana said...

Oh, you poor things. I am SO not looking forward to that stage of child-rearing. SO not.

skinnydan said...

Is there such a thing as sympathy- pregnancy-nausea?

Tricia said...

oh, i'm so sorry. my sincerest sympathies - those nights are so hard, and sleepless! and i know the feeling of waiting around with a housefull of kids, wondering who's going to succumb next!! i do hope you all get to feeling well again soon.

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