Monday, March 13, 2006

Sometimes It is Hard to Believe We're Related

My big brother and I are many years apart in age. In fact, we were born in different decades. We are extremely different. While I like the settled life of housewife and mother and have always sought after things like jobs that pay the bills and insurance, my brother prefers to live an exotic, artistic life of travel, writing and photography. We tend not to get along all that well, though there are certain topics that can get us talking and pontificating on friendly terms late into the night.

Anyway, all that to introduce any of you interested parties to my brother's blog while he's away travelling in Honduras. We may not always get along, but he's a very good writer and his work is interesting to read. You can also visit his other website and see his photography.


Blair said...

I can't believe it either.

Patricia said...

It's always worthwhile to read comments for an old busybody like me ;-)

blair said...

Then, Mrs. Ootfp, you would be interested in knowing that I secretly think Jordana often surpasses him in writing skills... really.

Patricia said...

Yes, I suppose I am interested, though not really surprised.

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