Monday, April 03, 2006

The Stomach Bug Lingers On, But The Toddler Is a Genius!

Okay, she's perhaps not a genius as the title states, but she is very verbal and very aware of her bodily functions, although she does not appear to yet be potty-trainable as such. Today she had a leaky, drippy diaper of the most unpleasant sort. Instead of continuing her play or worse yet, playing in the drippy, leaky parts, she toddled her way to me, said, "Uh oh! Poo-poo!" and headed towards the changing table. When I discovered the extent of the damage upon removing her pants and noticing stuff all down one leg, she looked down too and said, "Oh yuck!" and sat patiently while I hosed and scrubbed her off in the sink. She may still have a touch of something, but she's awfully helpful to notify me immediately.


Patricia said...

Somehow, I find the Toddler's message more helpful than the Boy's ;-)

Another Jordana said...

Smart Toddler Girl!

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