Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Sentence

The Toddler Girl has been stringing words together for a while, but I don't know if we've had too many meaningful three word sentences. Assuming, of course, that a sentence doesn't require a verb.

The Middle Girl got some beeswax out to sculpt with and The Toddler Girl absconded with it. The Middle Girl doesn't take such things sitting down and grabbed what she perceived to be her property back from her sister.

Indignantly, The Toddler Girl ran for me, yelling, "The Middle Girl (okay she actually said her sister's name) mine back!" She wanted "her" beeswax back, of course.

Since she'd seen and held that beeswax, she definitely considered it to be hers.


Jordana said...

hey my name is jordana (shortened to jordie)
i'm also blonde :)

mary said...

Kenzie sounds so cute saying "mine" this or that.
It's amazing how quickly language starts coming to them!
(we call our Jordan "Jordy" too!)

Patricia said...

There's a little ditty in _White_Christmas_ your girls might (or might not!) enjoy as they get a little older: Sisters... there were never such devoted sisters... ;-)

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