Wednesday, June 21, 2006


My husband and I were discussing the other morning the various knots with which one can tie a tie. You think that's weird? Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall around here for other conversations? He said he knew only three -- not counting tying a bow tie -- but figured that there must be more knots out there. Lo and behold, into my inbox this afternoon strayed a note from Brooks Brothers with a link to their page on tying knots.

I've always found my husband to be rather genteel, but according to Brooks Brothers, it won't be until he can tell his Prince Albert knot from his Half-Windsor that he'll truly be a gentleman. I suppose he, and most every other man out there, better get cracking.

Update: I notice that Blogthings, via The Llama Butchers, has a different and one might argue more complete definition of a gentleman. Knowing how to tie a nice tie might fit in there some place though.


jim said...

Thanks for this page. I might take up a bow tie again. Someone once said only two professions were allowed to wear them...—professors and clowns.

Jordana said...

I think a bow tie looks pretty spiffy on a man. Then again, I think seersucker looks spiffy too, so some might question my taste.
A doctor friend of mine said he liked wearing bow ties whenever he was on call. They didn't have a tendancy to fall anywere they shouldn't.

TulipGirl said...

I don't comment very much any more, but I still read. I visited the other day, and your site wasn't here. I must tell you how relieved I am that you are still around. *g*

Jordana said...

Thank you, Tulipgirl. The servers go kablooie now and then, but I'm not planning on disappearing, if I can help it.

patricia said...

Apropos -- well, not exactly nothing... *guilty secret alert!* this chat about ties brings to mind the second season opener of Desperate Housewives. Not all of you know what I mean, and I guess you should be proud of yourselves.

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