Thursday, July 06, 2006

Back From Not Going Anywhere

Hmm...It's getting a bit dusty around here and I'm lucky they didn't change the locks while I was gone. Actually, I've been home all the time, having had an uneventful weekend of doing things like planting a hydrangea (Annabelle) and watching the husband work. We grilled a few steaks, watched some fireworks from far enough away as to make them almost boring, and that was about that.

But we have been very busy with something else we've been considering doing for a while and I'll discuss that a lot more once its actually done. It will be a big project and probably guaranteed to prove once and for all that I am insane.

So how's that for the shortest long weekend wrap-up?


Grouchy Old Yorkie Lady said...

You can only be referring to some sort of remodeling project -- dusty and insanity producing just about covers it.
I'm going to guess... kitchen?

Jordana said...

Well, the dust comment was actually referring to the length of time between posts around here...

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