Monday, July 10, 2006

Changing the View

We spent a large part of Saturday outside working in the yard. Although the house may often be in shambles and I haven't mopped in a lot longer than I would care to admit, it pleases me far more, in the warm months, to dig in the dirt and be outside.

Justin spent most of the day building these:

That's a cage to tidily keep the birds out of our raspberries and a teepee to keep the grape tomato from swallowing all the other plants in our veggie bed.

I spent much of the day filling in our new flower bed. We bought a some new plants and I divided and/or moved several other things from other places in the yard.

I would like to get a trellis to put by the fence on which to grow perhaps a clematis and I would like to put some sort of permanent feature of interest -- some sort of sculpture (I found a large whimsical head that would please me) or a bird house or something along those lines toward the fron where we have a point in the bed where garden meets path. I think that may wait for next year though.

When I started to get hot, I began to envy this fellow and his lounging ways.

A nap in the shade would have been nice, but getting things done is even better.


MarcV said...

I'm guessing the raspberry fortress is 8'x8'x5'. Some people just lay netting on top of the plants. Having raised beds makes it much easier to support the fortress.
Fresh raspberries are a treat. They're so fragile that you have to take advantage of them as soon as they're ripe.

skinnydan said...

They are indeed a treat, and the subject of at least two stories involving my dad, raspberries, and minor natural disasters.
My dad LOVES fresh raspberries, and rainstorms are no barrier to that joy.

Terry Oglesby said...

Wow--your yardwork continues to impress--here I was thinking I had actually done something constructive by picking up a windfall pear off of Jonathan's tree...

Jordana said...

Marc, I would have to check with the builder on the dimensions of the raspberry fortress (or run outside and measure it) but I think it is 8 feet long, 4 feet wide and 6 feet tall. Last year we basically just draped netting over the bushes, but it was hard to move when we wanted to pick the berries and it looked ugly. We're all about tidiness around here (at least in the yard) and this makes for easier picking. Plus it is disassemble-able for winter storage.

Mary said...

wow that looks great!
I have been so busy inside that I haven't done one thing outdoors.
Oh well

Patricia said...

Probably you know this already, but clematises (clematisi?) look lovely scrambling through early blooming shrubs or once-blooming roses. Such a plan also works to keep the roots shady whilst getting the vines up to the sun.
FWIW. Don't you love nosy gardeners? Especially those on hiatus from everything but talking about it?!

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