Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Spelling Question

If you had a child that shared a name with the Queen of the Netherlands and a nickname with a former Prime Minister of Israel, how would you spell that nickname? Would you spell it like the insect, the infinitive form of the verb sometimes conjugated "am," Andy Griffith's Aunt, or as the former Prime Minister of Israel spells it?


Jo-Lynne said...

Good grief, Jordana, that is some riddle!! It took my sleep-deprived brain a few minute to work it out. But I gotcha now. I choose C.

Mary said...

I love that name!
Bea I would think.

ninaradio said...

Bea. The first two don't look like they refer to a person, and the last reminds me too much of the sort of cutesy names my 12 year old self planned to give to my children, like Tiffani and Kissandra, with heart shaped dots used on each "i."

skinnydan said...

What kind of insect is named "Arik"?
Oh. Never mind.

amy said...

living in the south: bee

Terry Oglesby said...

I suppose "Trixy" is just right out, huh.

Patricia said...

Bebe is, well, a foreign word and it risks becoming the less decorous "Babe." I don't think there is much future for a girl-child with that nickname Babe, unless it's in golf.
Beebee and Beabea are just too cumbersome.
No other near possibilities occur to me, but feel free to submit other contenders for my sensible review ;-)

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