Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Five Weeks

We realized this morning that yesterday marked the beginning of our fifth week of homeschooling. The Boy, who has never been mathematically inclined -- he could read well before he could count to ten, loves Saxon's Math 1. He thinks our history projects, especially building a large pyramid out of Legos and excavating the dirt pile in the backyard, have been "really cool." He loves the times he gets to illustrate his language lessons and he thinks its great that he gets to read poems out loud. I think the only thing he doesn't really like much is the copywork I make him do.

I know this honeymoon period can't last, but I really am pleased with how things are going. I wish I were fitting in more art and music, but that will come eventually.


Rachel Ann said...

We are going back to homeschooling my older daughter, the Artist. It is working out decently at this point.
I think it might continue...the thing about homeschooling is you can keep having "honeymoons" if things get dull you don't have a particular schedule and no principal to please...just do something else.

dcrmom said...

Sounds like it's going GREAT!!

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