Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hurt Me

The Toddler Girl is stringing more and more words together -- saying lots of sentences and mimicking everything she hears. This can, of course, be really cute, but also dangerous. Fortunately, there aren't any bad words flying around here for her to pick up on. But that's not to say that she hasn't learned delightful things like "stupid" from her siblings.

The other days, the two bigger ones were playing and the Middle Girl said, "You hurt me!" But then she giggled. The Toddler Girl decided this must be a desireable condition. So now she runs around yelling, "Hurt me!" And just a minute ago, she crawled up in my lap for a cuddle, snuggled in close and demanded, "Mommy, hurt me!"

I suggested hugging or kissing might be better, but she insisted on "hurt." I tickled her neck with kisses until she'd giggled herself senseless and then sent her on her way.


Lenise said...

Wow. We're still hoping our boy will figure out how to say "Daddy" =-7

Sarah said...

oh, I could tell when I saw you with the Boy in his sling that you were a wonderful mom. what's better than being tickled and kissed by the most wonderful person in your life? your kids are lucky.

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