Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Strong-Willed? Yessir, That's My Baby!

The Toddler Girl is still two months away from her second birthday, but being highly advanced she's moved into the strong-willed phase early.

Besides the inevitable shouts of "No!" she has also decided that she is too old for sippy cups and will throw the cup and herself screaming to the floor when you offer her one -- except at church and in the car, where that's her only option for water transportation.

One of her most common phrases is now, "First me, Mommy." By which she means both that she wants to do something before I do, but also that she wants to do things unassisted. She wants to climb onto the changing table by herself (and she's even suggested that she should get to put her diaper on by herself -- which yes, means she's probably ready to potty train, and no, at my current girth and all, I am not ready to do it). She wants to brush her teeth first, before her parents give it a shot. She insists on climbing up and down the stairs all by herself -- except when she imperiously sticks out a grubby little paw and demands my hand.

Although she has always sat at the end of the table closest to her parents and the other kids sit next to us on the other side, she has also recently decided that her place is with "the other kids" and about half the time she wants to sit at their end of the table -- though woe betide the sibling who tries to take her seat.

She's a whirlwind of energy and will, but when she smiles she has the power to melt everyone in her path.

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