Friday, October 27, 2006

How to Cook, Possum-style

Over the past few days, Papa Possum has tried to teach the ways of righteous Southern cookery to the masses. He deals with cornbread, grits and biscuits and threatens much smiting upon any poor soul who uses sugar in any of the aforementioned items.

Of course, I like sweet cornbread and one of my favorite biscuit recipes has a teaspoon of sugar in it, but being a gentleman Terry has promised not to smite me, should we get to meet again.


Terry Oglesby said...

No, but you can be assured I will try mightily to rescue you from your affliction!!
And don't get me started on cheese curls again...

Jordana said...

I never said I liked cheese puffs better. I just didn't eat any processed, air-inflated cheese snacks enough to realize there were two different kinds. You are certainly correct as to which kind of cheesy snack food is the superior variety.

Terry Oglesby said...

I know you like the right kind, but sometimes I rant for no reason at all, and it might wake the baby.

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