Wednesday, October 04, 2006

That's Me Boy!

Although on most occasions The Boy is his father all over again, once in a while I notice that he did get something from me. One obvious trait that is currently appearing is a love of bad puns. He's been busy making up his own jokes related to the months of the year. I'll put the answers below the jump. Feel free to groan, but when one is scraping the bottom of the pun barrel, I think these aren't too bad for a six year old.

1. What's the wind's favorite month?

2. What's a lumberjack's favorite month?

3. What's a snowball's favorite month?

4. What's a soldier's favorite month?

5. What's a simian's favorite month?

1. A-gust
2. Sep-timberrrrrrr
3. Decem-brrrrrrrrr
4. March
5. Ape-ril


LittleA said...

It's enought to make a groan man cry, I tell ya!
No, I'm telling the truth.

Jordana said...

I knew you would enjoy the puns, LittleA.

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