Monday, December 11, 2006

Closing Day

Today we close on the money pit. The house we live in now has been pretty easy on us and this one won't be. I'm looking forward to the space and the prettiness, but I'm just a little scared.

Actually, I'm terrified.

Update: Pictures!


Blair said...

I think it is gorgeous and you will make it even more so... a ton of work, but worth it! I can't wait to see it change!

Marc V said...

Very nice. Good luck with the closing - they can be nerve-wracking. It didn't look like the previous occupants had small children. The stairs/hallway has traffic-jam potential.
Now that you have shown some before pictures I hope you have the chance to show some after pictures of the kitchen. A newly redone kitchen to move into would be a treat.

Meredith said...

Wow, it's really stunning inside. I love all the trimwork against the red and khaki walls.
Good luck!

mary said...

So that is all their stuff? Have they packed anything?
What a HUGE bed!
I have seen much worse.
We almost bought a house before we moved here that was SO bad.
It was gorgeous but had one owner and that owner let the house fall down around her.
Gorgeous wood floors under the green shag carpet, wide stairs, even a secret passage between the bedrooms upstairs.
BUT the kitchen was a total tear out as well as all the bathrooms.
We had a newborn at the time (haha) so I passed on it and we moved here.
Good luck!
I see larger columns for the front porch. The porch needs more presence.
Sort of a low country look maybe.

Earth Girl said...

Congratulations. I definitely want to see after pictures, to see Jordana's artistic hand in making this your house. You have a lot of very nice features with which to work.

NBS said...

I like the paint colors.
Did they show the house with that much stuff around?

Lenise said...

Congrats! It is lovely. Pocket doors and leaded glass rock, and I would LOVE to have a house with a center hall. Maybe someday.

Tricia said...

oh's GORGEOUS!! yeah, ok, the kitchen needs to be finished, but who'd notice?? and the cabinets are awesome! I hope you enjoy the process.

Steve the LLamabutcher said...

Yip! Yip! Yip!

Janis Gore said...

I have to wonder what got into them to paint that ceiling black. Is there something hidden up there?

Jordana said...

I like a lot of the paint colors, but not the black ceiling so much. It doesn't seem to be hiding anything, Janis. The former owner just went about everything backwards and had a custom paint job done on several of the rooms, without worrying about incidentals like the whole house needing to be rewired.
And yes, she showed the house with stuff lying around everywhere. Some how it got emptied by closing. Except for the garage. We won't speak of it right now though.

Blair said...

Won't let me post in the actual post because my content is "questionable", though I have no idea what that may be.
Only seven times the first estimate. Wow.
How did that happen?
Actually, thinking back on some of our money-pit-house estimates. Yeah, it can be scary how that happens... we learned to a) get at least three opinions, b) and talk to someone who knows what it is all about so you can get a true picture of what it all means... and I hope you love your money-pit as much as I do mine!

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