Thursday, February 22, 2007

An Explosive Situation

Once again I pondered, "Why did I teach that kid to read?"

I was walking down the stairs into the kitchen yesterday after putting the two year old in bed for her nap, when I was greeted with, "Mom, do we have any tall bottles and where do we keep the food coloring? We're making a volcano."

On the kitchen table sat my two older kids, along with the baking soda and the vinegar. Distinctly lacking was anything like a cookie sheet that might catch the explosive mess, of course.

They'd been reading one of the many books we have on science experiments and had decided that a volcano was just the ticket to an afternoon's excitement. How fun! How thrilling!

I'm glad I got downstairs before they decided to start the bubbling process.


dcrmom said...

LOL!! Good save. You have such bright, industrious kids!

Meredith said...

Welcome to my world.

Joan said...

You may want to watch this one in case Diet Coke and Mentos show up in your house. It will mean they are reading WAY TOO MUCH.

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