Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Aren't Attitudes Supposed to Be for Teenagers?

My seven year old grumbles occasionally, but when asked to help out or clean up, he usually does it. My four year old is not so helpful. To get her to do anything that she didn't volunteer to help with usually requires standing over her the entire time. It has always been thus, but I was still a bit surprised when I told her to pick up her dirty clothes and put her shoes away and she snapped back, "Why are you treating me like a servant?"

Clearly there is no need for us to encourage the child in the belief that "every girl is a princess." She seems to already think she was "to the manner born." I think a little more manual labor may be necessary in her future.


Robert the Llama Butcher said...

I get very much the same thing from the five year old, who asked me if I thought I was the king recently. "Yes," I replied, "So snap to it before I have your head cut off."

chewymom said...

Must be a four-year-old girl thing. My daughter (whose name actually MEANS princess, by the way) is convinced that I am the evil step mother, out to ruin her life by making her pick up after herself. Hey, that's what older brothers are for, right?

dcrmom said...

I'm with chewymom. My 4-year old dd is allergic to cleaning up. My 7-year-old ds will almost always pitch in without balking.

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