Tuesday, May 01, 2007

And Now With Fevers and Vomit

It's never a good thing when a child comes downstairs and says, "There's something that looks like oatmeal all over the bed."


Terry Oglesby said...

Ick. But they recover quickly--it's YOU who have to clean it up and tend to everyone else, and that can get tiring.
I hope no one else decides to try their hand at decorating their beds.

Amy said...

Same here. Fevers and vomit. Tons of fun!

dcrmom said...

Oh nooooooooooo. Like you needed THAT on top of everything else.

Christy said...

Ohh! Sorry, I couldn't help laughing when I ready that. Laughing WITH you. :-) Sounds like things are crazy in your neck of the woods. Hoping The Purple House comes together soon!!!

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