Wednesday, September 05, 2007


We spent the weekend cleaning up at Chez Purple and I expanded one of the flower beds with thick layers of newspaper and straw. It should be ready for planting in the spring, when I'm ready to fill it.

Justin cleaned out the basement and we moved stuff that has been sitting on the porch forever and looking incredibly white trash down to the basement. We went back on Monday and did a bit more work.

After it all, I was sore. Very sore. Can't move my left shoulder very well sore.

I whined enough that Justin came home from work early yesterday and I went off to the doctor.

I have tendonitis and need to do some physical therapy. As with any sort of injury, you never realize how much you use something in the course of a day. It hurts to raise my left arm above my head, or behind my back. That means getting dressed and undressed (especially putting on or taking off a bra) is painful. Unloading the dishwasher hurts. Washing my hair hurts.

This also means I probably won't be doing any more painting around the Purple House nor much heavy lifting for a long while.



Lenise said...

Yikes! Take it easy as best you can. I guess you'll just have to lift the little folks with the other arm!
Feel better!!

Frazier said...

Man, you'll find ANY excuse to go braless. I swear...
(Hope you're better soon!)

Another Jordana said...

Oh, yuck. Rotten timing, too. Hope you feel better soon!

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