Thursday, May 22, 2008

To Do List

I have about six weeks or so until this baby is due to arrive and about a million things to do in that time.

  • Figure out a short list of names for boys and girls (this was easier when I hadn't already used all my favorites)
  • Decide whether I'll let my husband keep St. John on the list this time around.
  • Figure out who is going to be watching the children when I go to the hospital to have the baby.
  • If it won't be someone coming to our house (it will probably be my SIL about an hour from here), I must pack suitcases for the kids so they can have clothes and brush their teeth.
  • Pack a suitcase for the hospital.
  • Buy snacks for my husband to eat in the hospital so he won't be cranky.
  • Turn in grades for the kids and close out our homeschooling year.
  • Measure backseat of the minivan and figure out if we can fit three carseats back there.
  • If we can't -- panic, cry and worry about the fact bigger automobiles, like money, don't grow on trees.
  • Cook and bake more stuff for the freezer, so that we'll have something to eat after this child arrives.
  • Wish I had more recipes that froze well.
  • Encourage my husband (and my father while he is here visiting) to finish up some necessary projects upstairs so that the big kids will not all be sleeping in the family room and the 19 month old can move out of my closet before the new little one arrives.
  • Try to find my infant carseat.
  • Figure out whether the infant carseat has outlived its shelf-life, since it is coming up on six years old.
  • Do about a million other things that haven't even crossed my mind yet.


Meredith said...

You'll get it all done!
That's what those crazy hormones and insomnia are for, right?

Dr. Weevil said...

Here's my favorite freezable, microwavable, inexpensive, and fun-to-make-with-the-whole-family meal: mulligatawny soup.

Melissa said...

When my 2nd child was born I was waiting in the hospital for my husband, who went home to get the carrier. He couldn't find it, because where I thought it was it wasn't. Turns out it happened to be stored at my parents, why I still don't remember, so my dad had to rush home from work and to the hospital with it so we could leave. It all worked out, but I wish I had been more prepared. I have no idea where the infant carrier is now. I'll be sure to find it before I'm sitting in the hospital with a third baby, that's for sure.
Best of luck with the birth of the new baby and tackling your list.

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