Thursday, July 24, 2008

Note to Self

That timer is going off because you set it. It is not some strange beeping unrelated to anything in the house. You set the timer so you would remember to turn off the soaker hoses, but if you can't remember that you set the timer or that the hoses are running and can't seem to find the timer on the oven in the kitchen but rather just sit and wonder where that annoying beep is coming from, then you really are spacey.

Self, I always suspected as much.


Frazier said...

This is why people write on their hands.

Jennifer said...

Very funny.
I think you are excused though. You have just a few distractions, you know.

Kim said...

lolol I can sympathize. Did you turn off the soaker hoses? Consider this a case you forgot...after turning off the timer.

Lenise said...

I totally hate it when that happens.
What was I saying?

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