Monday, July 28, 2008

Things That Make Me Happy Today

I've got various things I want to get done today, and if I get them done, I may return, otherwise I present you with a list of my happy things.

  • Zinnias blooming in the garden. Most things are looking a bit tired and crispy these days, but the zinnias are a bright spot at the moment.

  • Losing 27 lbs. of baby weight. Not all I'd like to lose, but it is a nice start.

  • People who brought us dinners for the past two weeks. I'm going to have to start cooking for myself soon, but those meals sure were nice.

  • Getting the stuff ready and sent off for this year's homeschooling application.

  • A baby who slept almost all night -- even if it did mean certain parts of me were very uncomfortable in the morning.

  • Passing our electrical inspection. We only have the final upstairs inspection and we can really unpack and settle in up there.

So that's what makes me happy. How about you?


Diane said...

Yay for uncomfortable parts?!
Zinnias are pretty hardy, and very pretty. We are down to the holly hocks in the front bed, and the forest of black eyed susans in the back yard. After all the rain we had in June and early July, we've apparently emptied the skies as it's not rained in quite a while.

Meredith said...

You are getting a lot done! I'm so proud of you!

Jordana said...

Well, the uncomfortable parts weren't making me happy, but the sleep was.

skinnydan said...

The uncomfortable parts do make husbands happy, if only from a visual perspective.

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