Monday, August 18, 2008

Music Nerds

First my husband starting talking about scholas. I didn't know what one was, but I soon learned. Then he started talking about the Missa Simplex and the Missa de Angelis. Then he was organizing a schola for our parish, recruiting people, and practicing. He was also singing the Kyrie, Sanctus and Gloria as he walked around the house and teaching them to the kidlets. This was all good, although it's a little odd to hear mass parts echoing throughout the house day and night and I don't particularly like watching all the kids while my husband is practicing with the schola.

It's moved into the nerdy and weird now, though. My children know the music for the Missa de Angelis so well now, that they are chanting everything. Conversations at the dinner table are sometimes chanted. My 22 month old will chime in with "a, a, a, a, a -donk' which is his interpretation of part of the Kyrie. And the other day in the car, my children started trying to figure out the best way to chant "Pattycake, pattycake baker's man."

In this family one has to chant to get along, it seems.


Jennifer said...

That is cute and funny. At least they think learning (and Mass) is fun.

skinnydan said...

Perhaps they're also ready for the Missa Hilarious.
The Gloria and Angus Dei are two of my favorites out of this selection.

Kim said...

Haha! Chanting children and babies... very interesting!

The Glamorous WAHM said...

I'll take chanting over the bickering between my tween and teen girls any day!

Susanna said...

I like the idea of a schola cantorum. I have come across plenty of priests who avoided chanting and singing as much as they could because singing just wasn't their strength, and it's always nice to have some plainsong during special seasons and holidays, I think.
I love the description of all your kids chanting to each other. :)

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