Thursday, December 04, 2008

Book Meme

�Which book or books are you reading now?

I'm in the middle of Eats, Shoots and Leaves. It's funny, but I can only read about punctuation for so long at a time before my eyes glaze over. I just returned But Didn't We Have Fun? to the library. I wanted to like it, but the author who is trying to write an informal history of baseball's early years wasn't informal enough for me.

�What is your favorite time to read?

Mostly in the evenings, because otherwise there are too many interruptions.

�And your favorite place?

Bed or the bathtub

�Who is your favorite novelist?

It depends on my mood and the moment -- sometimes Jane Austen or P.G. Wodehouse or sometimes someone else all together.

�You favorite poem?

I don't just pull poetry off the shelves to read it all that often, but I am rather fond of Robert W. Service.

�What is the most difficult book you�ve ever read?

The most difficult book I ever have finished was Kafka's The Castle, but then there are books like The Grapes of Wrath and Plato's Republic that for me have been such a long hard slog that I've never finished them.

�What was the first book you remember reading?

I think something by Dr. Seuss, but I'm not sure. I do remember checking this book about Edith and a Bear out very frequently from the library before I could read.

�Do you have a comfort book that you re-read?

Several. The Anne of Green Gables books, some Wodehouse, mostly books I read first when I was a kid or a teenager.

�What is the most erotic book you�ve read?

My friends and I got our hands on Anais Nin one time, but it isn't a category I dabble in much.

�Which classic should you have read?

Lots of them. I some how graduated from a college that is famous for its English major without taking a single English class. Which means I missed out on many things I should have read. But I've probably read more German literary classics than you have. Not that I remember them anymore though.

�Which book did you never want to end?

I can't think of a single book, but I wanted the Anne books and the books about Betsy and Tacy to continue on forever.

�What is your most overrated book?

Besides anything by James Joyce?

�Which character could you have an affair with?

Mr. Darcy

�Who is your favorite character?

It all depends. There are so many great characters in books, it would be hard to pick just one.

�Which character do you most dislike?

Again, I'm not sure. I mean there are some really evil characters to hate out there. Kafka excels in some, for instance.

�Which character do you identify with most?

I always liked Maud Hart Lovelace's Betsy and Anne, when she's in trouble. Maybe Ramona. And of course, Elizabeth Bennet.

�Which book changed your life?

Oddly enough (because I am not Eastern Orthodox) it was a book called Facing East: A Pilgrim's Journey into the Mysteries of Orthodoxy by Frederica Matthewes-Greene that started me down the road to Catholicism.

Meme highjacked from Robbo.


Jennifer said...

I just finished The Long Winter, one of the Little House books. Like the Anne books and Jane Austen, they are books I can come back to and enjoy re-reading.
I was totally surprised that a friend's daughter, who I babysat for often in grad school, had no interest in the Little House books or Anne. She was a big TV watcher, and I think maybe they just moved too slow or were too far outside her experience. It was sad! I sure hope my kids will enjoy them too.
For a while, as a librarian, I felt I ought to try to read some more of the newer fiction, so I could do better reader's advisory. There were a few good ones (like the Time Traveler's Wife), but for the most part I find they are not worth my time. I'd rather read fiction that is more likely to be good (often older) or, more likely, some good non-fiction.

Meredith said...

Confession: I have never read a single Wodehouse book.
I did, however, finish and almost enjoy the Grapes of Wrath.

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