Thursday, February 19, 2009


The baby is napping. The kids are in the backyard riding bikes and playing in the dirt. Now is my chance. I can settle into a nice hot bath and maybe even flip through a magazine.


Oops, I thought that too loudly. The baby's awake. But she's pretty cute and likes the splash in the water. The magazine is out, but since all the other kids are busy, I can still get that bath in.

Water running.

The baby smiles and splashes. I settle in. This warm water is just what I needed.

The bathroom door slams open.

"Mom, is it swimming if you hang on to the side of the pool and wear a vest?"


The door slams shut.

Ahh. Now for a little peace.

The door slams open.

"Mom, do we have to play outside? I'm tired of being outside."

"Yes, you have to stay outside. Now out!"

"But mom..."


Door slams shut.

Door slams open.

"Can I have a snack?"

"May I."

"May I have a snack?"

"May I have a moment's peace?"

Door slams shut.

Baby is tired of the bath and starts fussing to get out. Ah well. The idea was a good one. Perhaps in a few years I'll get that peaceful bath or maybe sooner I'll remember to lock them all outside.


Amy @ Milk Breath & Margaritas said...

I know this radar thing. It's amazing! The demanding wee heathens know EXACTLY when you just want 10 minutes.

Bronwyn Tulloch said...

I am loving P's hair-dude. (As Magster used to say).
If I had the energy, I'd go have a bath. As it is, I think I'll go to bed with my clothes on.

Beth said...

See if your library has this book:
You will totally relate to the mom. LOL

Lenise said...

I have those days with just my three. Of course, given that the oldest is four, I don't let them out without supervision. My version of that is a video- not so good for the brain, even if it IS Blue's Clues or VeggieTales. Still, a person needs a moment to herself from time to time!

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