Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pneumonia, Sinus Infections and Pertussis?

I've been sick again. Or still. I lose track. I first got the flu exactly a month ago and within a few days was so miserably sick that I thought I had pneumonia. I went to a walk-in doctor place on a Saturday, and saw a doctor who assured me that both through listening and on a chest x-ray that my lungs were clear.

I eventually started feeling some what better, but I kept coughing, wheezing and I caught a cold. Sometimes I would start coughing and could stop. Once I even threw up from coughing. Needless to say I'm pretty worn out and exhausted.

So then a sinus infection moved in and I've been feverish on and off since Saturday. Today my husband stayed home from work and I went to the doctor. Same doctor's office, but today I saw the regular doctor and not the part-time weekend one. He looked at my x-rays from a month ago and informed me that I had had pneumonia just as I had thought and the doctor had just missed obvious signs. Also, I do have a sinus infection that may or may not be related and on top of that, based on the type of coughing I've been doing, they are checking me for pertussis.

No wonder I'm sick, tired and getting nothing done. At least now I know.


Elisa said...

I'm with you here. We've had the whole family down since January and just this week had another relapse.

Janis Gore said...

Maybe you'll feel better soon with proper medication.

melissa said...

You've been worn down too, I think, and that maybe started before you even got sick. (what a lousy sentence...and I teach grammar!)
Take care. It'll all be there when you're better. Kids just make do when their moms are under the weather.
I'm always afraid mine will turn into idiots if I have to take time off. It's not been proved true yet...........!

Jennifer said...

Wow Jordana, that is a lot! Praying for a speedy recovery.

Tricia said...

OH!! I hope and pray you feel better soon, and get the rest your body needs. It's so hard when Mommy's sick!!

Lenise said...

Sometimes I wonder if they are just out to prove you wrong. "Oh, so ou think you've got pneumonia, smartypants? I'll do an x-ray and be all authoritative and tell you you're WRONG!"
But then I've got a slight tendency to not let things go. Like the "poison oak" incident three years ago!
Feel better soon!!

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