Thursday, June 25, 2009

Airing My Clean Laundry

For the past month or so, I've been engaged in an experiment. Since my children operate under a "No Light Turned Off" policy, I thought it might be a good time to try reducing our electricity use some place else. It's hot. It's sunny. I've been drying the clothes outside.

I don't have a clothes line and I only have one medium sized drying rack, so I usually have to press the patio furniture into service, but it gets the job done.

Although hanging the clothes outside isn't as fast and easy as throwing in the dryer it has been useful. I've caught several stains that didn't wash out the first time through that would have been permanently set by the dryer. The wrinkles on clothes are also vastly reduced, so that we don't look quite so much like a bunch of ragamuffins.

Sadly, what wasn't reduced was our overall electricity usage. It was slightly higher than this time last year. I suppose to look on the bright side though, just imagine how much even higher it would have been if I'd been using the dryer.


Robbo said...

The gels operate under the same policy and I am often driven to distraction when I find, for example, the eleven year old's room with all her blinds down and three separate lamps left on.

"Electricity costs money. Sunlight is free!" has become one of my stock expressions, but it doesn't seem to be doing much good. Indeed, I even thought I overheard one of them parodying me the other day.


Dan said...

I like the Mind the Gap shirts. My Tube map t-shirt (the second one, actually) is decaying into virtual unusability. Might be time for V. 3

Melissa (formerly Almost Catholic Momma) said...

It's nice to see someone else has the same idea. I just started hanging things to dry outside too! I'm not sure it's making much of a difference in our bill, but since it's so hot outside things dry pretty fast.
I love the Mind the Gap t's!

Jordana said...

Dan, I got three of those Mind the Gap shirts in London for the kidlets and then the oldest had the audacity to promptly grow. So the sweet and wonderful Patricia sent him a larger one from her own London adventures. And the little boy finally grew large enough to fit one as well, so my kids can look terribly dorky in their matching shirts, but they love them.

Dan said...

Better to look dorky in foreign shirts.

Says the guy who had a collection of subway map t-shirts - Moscow, Paris, London, NYC. Never found a DC Metro shirt, tho

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