Monday, June 15, 2009

The Summer Colors

In spring, I've noticed that most of the flowers in my garden wear shades of purple and pale pink. It's a soft a peaceful place. In summer, though, the color riot begins and although I can't say I actually planned it this way, I think the colors of the flowers suit the season (right down the the brown dead things in the winter garden, that I never get around to cleaning out until the new green peaks through).

I love spring and I love spring flowers, especially the bulbs that arrive year after year, heralding the end of the cold and the arrival of new things. I love the fact that spring bulbs come back without any real effort of my part.

But for all that I find peace and hope in the crocuses, tulips and daffodils, I think I love my summer garden of splashy colors even more. It's bright. It's cheerful. It's kind of crazy with reds, oranges, yellows and hot pinks -- tall things, short things and a mess of weeds always trying to take over, but it's the right kind of crazy. The kind that makes you want to swing on a porch swing with a drippy popsicle while kids catch fireflies and turn cartwheels.

A lacecap hydrangea my neighbors were tossing out.
My gardening style has generally tended towards taking whatever plants anyone will give me and putting them in the ground somewhere and hoping for the best -- knowing that most things can be moved of divided as needed. And some how, with a little water, weeding a mulch, the gardens give me back so much more than just flowers alone.

Soft spring or bright summer -- what would the world be like without flowers?

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Meredith@MerchantShips said...

Oh, so pretty! You are a natural at this.

Do you water at all? That seems to be the downfall of many of my plants.

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