Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Quick Takes

(1) It's been a few, ahem, days since I wrote anything. Life, homeschooling, the garden and other things intrude on my computer time. The past few weeks have been really, really busy and I haven't even been able to stay home and keep up with my routine as much as I like.

(2) What life do I have outside of homeschooling and gardening, one might wonder. For one thing, sucker that I am, I agreed to co-chair the Women's Group at my parish. For someone who hates meetings as much as I do, not to mention hating responsibilities and generally feeling incompetent, this is a lot of hard work. I have to call people! And schedule things! And be in charge (though I did tell my co-chair that she's the one who is really in charge). I know the need was there and there was no good reason for me to turn down the job, but part of me thinks I probably got this job based on my husband's competence at everything. If they only knew how bad I am at handling these sorts of things...but I'm going to try.

(3)On the homeschooling front, one of the best things I've implemented this year is a circle time at the start of our days. It has really helped me accomplish a lot of my goals for the school day in a short amount of time and I think the kidlets like it a lot. If we only got circle time and math done in a day, the kids would be getting quite a bit of education. Although my plans are not as elaborate as many people's out there that one can find, I'd be happy to share them if anyone has interest in taking a look at what we've been doing.

(4)On this past Monday, I took the kids on a field trip to the Belle Meade Plantation for a Civil War lesson (complete with the firing of a canon). I've never been on a tour there before, but they do an excellent job and the price was very affordable. We're definitely going to try to go back for more of their homeschool days throughout the year.

(5) Speaking of the garden, I know it is incredibly juvenile, but this carrot I pulled out of the garden makes me giggle.

(6) Last weekend was rather hectic, with a big homeschooling party at our house on Saturday. As a result, I never got to the store for a real grocery trip (although I had stocked up on milk and a bit of fruit last Friday). I decided to see how long I could go without hitting the store. I'm happy to report that we made it through the week. It was helpful, of course, that our garden is still producing lots of stuff. We're out of several things like eggs now. Today's breakfast of Sue Gregg's waffles made with a banana instead of an egg, were not as successful as I would have liked, but at least we had something to eat.

This has been a good reminder to make use of what I have before heading out to the store for something new and different.

(7) Also in the past week of frequently eating hyper-local food, I was also thinking about how glad I am to have grocery stores to provide all the things I do not make and do not care to provide for myself. I am glad for the fact that all my food does not have to come from my own garden nor for a 100-mile radius around me. Last night I made chicken gumbo. It included okra, peppers, celery, tomatoes and thyme from my back yard. But I still needed oil, chicken, flour, rice, an onion, and a bay leaf from the outside world. For all that I like to garden, I'm glad I'm not a subsistence farmer!

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VanderbiltWife said...

Next summer you're going to have to come to Chattanooga and show me how to plant a garden. I am going to have a yard and am determined to do so! Is there anything you can plant in the fall?

I LOVE BelleMeade. I think their tour is far better than The Hermitage. Would love to go back there since it's been a couple years since I went.

This Heavenly Life said...

I do SO love a juvenile carrot photo :) I'm giggling with you.

Also? I love stretching out the trips to the store as far as I can. It really makes me feel like I'm saving money and wasting less...but compare that to people who provide all their own food all year long? And I start to feel woefully inadequate. I'm glad to hear there's someone else out there who is fully appreciative of a good trip to the store. Even if it means the product wasn't local.

Jordana said...

Jessie, I've never done a fall garden, but I know you can do lettuces, carrots and things like that. My rosemary survives through the winter.

Sarah said...

The carrot... heee!

As for being in groups, I've been president for my local dog group because of two simple facts: I show up to meetings and I play well with others.

Meredith said...

I have gumbo on tonight's menu for just the same reason. Okra! Tomatoes!

I am sure you will do a beautiful job as chairwoman. You accomplish much more than you give yourself credit for.

Laura @ said...

I read #5 and I forgot all of the other takes! All I can say is: NICE CARROT! They sure can grow them out where you are, huh?

entropy said...

Would love to see what you're doing this year homeschooling-wise! I love reading about what other people are doing.

Robbo said...


I was out looking at my own garden this weekend and nearly teared up at the extent to which it has junglefied itself. All the more motivation to rip it all out and start from scratch next spring!

And no. more. buttefly bush. EVAH!

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