Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Fairest of Them All

Our next door neighbor is a school teacher and on Monday, she brought over three extra tickets to the school night at the State Fair. Being stick-in-the-muds and curmudgeons, we haven't been to a state fair since we had one child and were living in Fairbanks, Alaska (for those of you keeping track at home, that would have been about 8 years ago). Naturally, my kids really wanted to go to the fair and just as naturally, their parents were hoping for rain.

And yesterday dawned grey and rainy. Woohoo! No Fair -- or the kids thought, "It's not fair!". Except it cleared up and turned nice towards afternoon. I suppose we could have just said a categorical "No" but instead we loaded up the van, stopped at a ATM because we were not so naive as to think free tickets wouldn't prove to be awfully expensive, and went to the fair. Of course, the one thing I forgot was a camera.

We ate terrible fair food for dinner (though boy was that funnel cake yummy!), saw the animals (the kids were especially impressed by the size of the "boy parts" on the pigs) and wandered along enjoying the flashing lights and bustle. Each kid got to choose a ride, the older two chose bumper cars, and the younger (who were too short for most things) went around and around in a little train.

It wasn't cheap. The food wasn't healthy. The kids sure did have fun though. They are still talking about it today


Lori said...

You are so so brave. We had a pair of those so called free tickets. I didn't even tell my kids what they were for. They are currently being used as bookmarks. I don't think I'm ready to loss my kids in such a sea of humanity. We took them to Oktoberfest over in Germantown a few years ago and almost had a panic attack because there were so many people. And we only had two then!

I'm glad you all had a good time. Next time you are jonesin' for a funnel cake, call me, I have a good recipe. We'll have a fair in our backyard.

Jordana said...

Actually, I think Oktoberfest is worse for losing children than the fair was yesterday (having had one slip loose twice in the space of an hour at Oktoberfest one year). It wasn't really all that busy at the fair. There is no way I would have taken all the kids by myself though.

But homemade funnel cake? That I think I need to know more about!

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