Friday, September 04, 2009

Quick Takes Friday

(1) You know you've fully embraced all the crazy Catholic stuff when you ask your priest to celebrate a First Thursday Mass for your homeschooling group because there is a plenary indulgence attached to it during the Year for Priests. We had our first First Thursday Mass yesterday, as well as lunch and an early birthday cake for the Blessed Virgin.

(2)Look what we found in our garden (as drawn and painted by my Kindergartner).

I don't think I've ever found a Monarch caterpillar in the garden before, but this year we've seen two. Must be because I've let the milkweed get a bit out of control. A pleasant result from the mess that is my front beds.

(3) My oldest is such an academic already. He started his Latin tutorial this week and was counting down the days and minutes until it started. Afterward, he told me it was everything he had hoped it would be and that he loves his new book. I have to keep reminding myself that I have little to do with how easy he is to instill with knowledge, lest I get frustrated with my more normal, less academically motivated children.

(4)One of my new favorite quick and easy meals is homemade pizza. How can that be quick and easy? Take this basic bread recipe and a pureed version of my simple pasta sauce, roll out the dough on a pizza pan with olive oil and cornmeal, spread on the sauce, add fresh oregano if you have any, plenty of cheese, any toppings you like, and bake at 500 degrees for about 12 minutes. Awesome.

(5)I checked out one of the Genevieve Foster history books from the library and I think I have finally found the history books I am looking for. I just wish there were more of them!

(6)There is a photo of my husband when he is about two, wearing a powder blue suit, standing at a tiny pulpit and playing preacher. Today my almost three year old, solemnly carried his wooden sword around the house as a crucifix, playing altar boy. I sure wouldn't have seen that coming a few years ago.

(7)And speaking of walking around, look who else is toddling along these days.

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Anonymous said...

Love the sword! Gives a whole new meaning to "Soldier of Christ".

This Heavenly Life said...

Yes, Pizza! We love homemade pizza here, and it really IS one of our quickest, easiest favorites. Bonus, because everyone eats it without complaints :)

rowena___. said...

ooooh, that is the bread recipe i use every day but i've never tried it for pizza! thank you for the tip, we will be doing that this weekend.

Amy said...

Your posts make me wish I was home schooling. (That's quite a feat.)

I'd love to get a Latin program going with my 7 yr old but he is so wiped out by his regular school work, I can't see how to fit this in.

Your Kindergartner drew that?? Wow - you have an artist!

Lori said...

I totally agree with the pizza. We make it once a week. We actually had that for dinner last night and the leftovers for breakfast. I make a giant vat of pizza sauce and freeze it in ready to use portions. Homemade sauce and crust, yummmmy

Lenise said...

We also like the pita bread, though the pizza is delicious as well- I have trouble keeping feta around, though.

Goodness, I agree with Amy- fabulous drawing!

Dan said...

Are you absolutely certain he was playing Altar Boy and not Knights Hospitaller/Order of St. John?

Crusading was, after all, a Catholic exercise for quite a while. (I can't help myself - this was my most recent read.)

Jordana said...

Dan, while he is usually seen clashing his sword and shield together and raising a fierce war cry, this time he was actually being solemn and reverent. An all together different and noteworthy prospect.

Dan said...

Noteworthy indeed. Though I wouldn't put away the earplugs just yet.

Laura @ said...

Your kindergartener has some amazing drawign and paiting skills there!

I'm going to look into the Latin books you linked. {A} has veeb doing Latina Christiana, and says she likes it and wants to stick with it. But I keep feeling like we should try something else for Latin.

mudmama said...

Hi there, nice to "meet" you! I am a Nashville blogging mom too :)
Your pizza talk is making me hungry!! The closest to homemade I do is getting Trader Joe's dough! But you make it sound easy.
And what a beautiful painting by your kindergartener!

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