Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two Years

Two years ago, yesterday, my family entered the Catholic church. In the past two years, we finally moved into our purple house, went to England, had another baby, started homeschooling our third child and spent a lot of time on the ordinary things of life. Some days being Catholic seems so normal and routine. Other days, I look at my children and think how strange it seems that they are little Catholics. The problems of family and conversion are still there, still awkward and perhaps even more pronounced. Some things don't just go away as time passes by.

For all the difficulties and sorrows, I wouldn't undo it. Some times I wonder what it would be like to turn back to the way things were before, but I find it harder and harder to even ponder what that would be like. Finding the Holy Mother Church is an amazing blessing for me and for my family. It's not easy. In fact, I have often pondered how much more I believe is expected of me now than I ever felt compelled to do before our conversion. But those things that I now must do are a joy (most of the time) and I have far more hope than I once did for those things of the future.

We celebrated our anniversary of coming into the church by going to Mass yesterday evening and out to dinner afterward. It's good to be home.


rowena___. said...

congratulations, curmudgeonry! may god continue to bless your family with his loving guidance.

Robbo said...

Many congratulations!

Following about six months in your wake, I, too, have experienced that sense of not being able to imagine turning back or aside. I also get that curious "sometimes it seems so easy/sometimes it seems so hard" feeling.

Also, sometimes when somebody asks me why I joined the Church, I simply reply that I did because She IS the Church. People don't always get that, but I expect you do.

Amy said...

A wonderful post. We are converts too and marvel at our "cradle Catholic" children! I also feel that the expectations are higher and that is daunting and wonderful. I've also never regretted my decision, never doubted the guiding hand that pressed me toward the Church, with me looking around like "What the what? Seriously?"

It is Home.

SoccerNerdPunk said...

Congrats on your being Catholic anniversary! I totally get the family issues with being a convert myself. While my husband's family are nominal Catholics, my family are devout protestants (mostly Presbyterian and Methodist). Over the past 2+ years of being Catholic the tension towards it has died down, but they only tolerate it and are waiting for the day when we return to the protestant life (I met my husband when he was away from the church at an Assemblies of God church).
As you said though, you couldn't imagine being anything else but Catholic. Every time I visit home or a friend's protestant church I am reminded of this and feel an even stronger desire to dive deeper in my Catholic faith. It's pretty cool that your whole family converted. Do you have an earlier post about how this went about?
Anyway, congrats again!

Lori said...

Congratulations on Church anniversary! I am a cradle Catholic and can not imaging worship God any other way then through Catholicism. I have attend church with Protestant family members and feel completely out of place. The Church, She is home. Amen!

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