Monday, October 26, 2009

Camping and Critters

Over the weekend, the whole family went on a camping trip to Montgomery Bell State Park. It's only an hour or so from home, but fall seems much further progressed there. The trees were lovely and the air was cold.

The former was a good thing -- the latter, not so much.

We went with our homeschooling group and stayed in rustic cabins. Rustic means, in this case, unheated and full of critters. The first night seemed filled with sounds of rustling and scampering and I saw a mouse when I went to the bathroom. In fairness, it isn't as if we don't have mice at home. In fact, we came home to three dead ones caught in traps, but at least we catch them in traps, mouse poop isn't covering every surface and I don't hear them doing mousey tangos across the floor at 3 a.m.

And as I mentioned, the air was cold. The one thing that allowed me to get any sleep was my three year old. If one must go camping when it is cold, take a three year old with you. At that age, they sleep pretty soundly, they are warm and cuddly and they are still small enough to fit inside a sleeping bag with you. I do not recommend one year olds however. At least not ones that are used to sleeping in their own bed, because although said child might decide to scream for hours in the cold and unfamiliar portacrib, she doesn't actually want to sleep with you either. One year olds tend to wriggle, cry and start slapping you in the middle of the night. My husband and I played musical children, trading grouchy one year old back and forth for the nice, cuddly three year old.

After the first night, I swore we wouldn't be staying a second. After the second, I was glad to be going home, but also glad we had toughed it out for the whole trip. We had good company and I will probably even consider doing it again next year, if we get a chance. But first, I need to recover from this trip. Right now, I'm glad to be in my moderately warm house with mouse traps to catch the critters.


Lenise said...

LOL. It's mouse season all around. They seem to have set up a camp in our coat closet. Every time I open the door to get out my sewing machine (which has been a lot lately!), I see droppings on he new advent calendar, the sewing ---machine box, you name it. =-P -----------------------------------------------1114

Cat wants to type, not caatch mice.

And yeah, your 1-yr-old sounds like mine!

Herb of Grace said...

Oh My. This post reminded me of our recent trip and caused me to have several flashbacks in succession. Excuse me while I go twitch quietly in a corner for a moment.

Lori said...

Our last camping trip, the first weekend in October, didn't involve in critter just rain. Lots and lots and lots of rain in a tent. It was just cold, not freezing cold.

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