Friday, October 02, 2009

Has It Been a Whole Week? Back for More Quick Takes...


It's been a busy week all around, beginning with the oldest girl's seventh birthday party on Sunday. We had several of her friends and their families over for hot dogs, s'mores, cake and lots of play. I can't believe she's seven.


Somebody (probably "Not Me") had an accident in the powder room, it seeped under the toilet and the whole room smells. Ick!


I didn't get around to making lesson plans for this week and it is really showing. I've been fumbling around trying to figure out what we should be doing and this week has been kind of a wash. However, the birthday girl got sick to her stomach on Monday, kids went on a field trip to a play of Tom Sawyer on Tuesday, we went to the park on Wednesday, had a First Thursday Mass and home school group meeting, where I started feeling weird and went home to spend the rest of the day in bed. So today is the first normal day anyway -- though I still feel weird.


I can't decide if I'm sick or not. I don't have a fever, but I'm extremely tired and just strange feeling. I just want to crawl back in bed, but my children always seem to follow me and make lying in bed some what less than restful.


My outside laundry drying seems to be at an end for the season and I am surprised by how much I miss it. For two weeks it rained pretty much every day and when the sun finally cam back it was much cooler. I, rather excitedly hung clothes out to dry on the morning of that first sunny day. By evening, many of them were still damp. The sun's angle has changed quite a bit, and without the direct sunny and heat of summer, the clothes just aren't drying. So I suppose it's back to the dryer. However, I doubt I would have loved hanging the clothes out in the dead of winter anyway.


After hearing about them from several friends, I picked up one of the Mitford books the other day. I accidentally started with the second. I'm still undecided as to whether I loved it or not, but it was a nice, gentle read. Nothing too extraordinary and nothing dirty, but just a nice snippet of lives in a small town. I think I'll check out another next time I'm at the library.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Our Little Flowers and Blue Knights groups are making holy cards for each of the saints the kids study. On the front the kids are coloring a picture of the saint and on the back they glue a prayer or passage of scripture, and then we laminate them. We wanted to give them something to color so that they would be more involved in the process. I turned to my favorite source for beautiful saint coloring pages, but Charlotte does not have a drawing of every saint we need for the year. Since I can scribble a bit myself, I offered to draw coloring pages for our group and since I'm going to the trouble of making them, I figured I might as well put them out there for other people to use. I have discovered I am not good at fingers or eyes, but these have turned out ok. Check the side bar for those I've done so far. I'll be putting more up throughout the year as we study more saints in Little Flowers and Blue Knights.

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Anonymous said...

Jordana, the coloring pages you've made are marvelous. When I get back to real Web work, I might come hat in hand to ask permission about re-posting, with credit to you and your permissions restrictions in place. I also like the idea of embedding a digital copyright notice (this can be done so that it's readable, but still virtually invisible) for these. They're just superb.

This Heavenly Life said...

If you're not sick...but feeling tired and funny...could it be pregnancy?! Sorry for the up-close-and-personal there :) Just a thought.

I read the first Mitford book awhile back on many recommendations. You're right - it's nice and calm, quiet, steady. It was so calm, in fact, that I could barely get through it. The story was enjoyable, just without much oomf to get me through. But I will probably try to read more - the characters are memorable and familiar.

Jordana said...

I'm with commenter #2: You can't mention feeling ... funny ... without me wondering when we'll be seeing your next set of ultrasound photos.

Kathy said...

#2- If this happens so rarely that it makes it to the blog, it's ok. My husband is regularly told over the phone, "Hey, you need to have an aiming discussion with your son again..."

#5- I've tried hanging laundry in the cold and, yes, it isn't as fun. Nor does it seem to do any good. I don't get why it doesn't work when the air is that dry. I have a friend who dries her stuff over the heating vents in the winter: your clothes get dry and your house gets humidified.

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