Friday, October 16, 2009

Quick Takes


It's turned definitely fallish around here in Tennessee. It is grey and rainy, but we haven't had a frost yet, so many plants from the summer are still trying to hang on. They look pretty pathetic though. My basil lives, but I don't think there are enough good healthy looking leaves to make more pesto. I hope I got enough to carry me through most of the winter.


Speaking of fall, I finally put up my fall wreath on the front door. Replacing the - ahem - spring wreath. I kind of forgot all about summer this year.


The little one is extra cute these days. She says more and more. Her first sentence was, "I need mil." She's not weaned yet, but she really likes a cup of milk. She also brings me her shoes and says "Shushushu" whilst thrusting them insistently at you. Only 15 months old and already worried about fashion.


This tough guy had a birthday this week. He may be only three, but if you ask him, he says he's ten.


I'm reading the kids the second book in the Tom Trueheart series now. We read the first before the second was even written. It ain't great literature, but it's a page turner for sure. Any book recommendations for when we're done?


Thanks to a friend giving my seven year old a crochet hook and yarn for her birthday, we're both trying to learn how to crochet. The basic chain isn't so hard, but I'm not getting how to turn very well. I think I need to schedule an actual lesson with my friend soon. YouTube and written instructions aren't cutting it.


Sometimes changing things up is just what the doctor ordered. My Kindergartner has been fighting reading lessons a lot of late. She's making us both frustrated. Yesterday, instead of doing Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (a book I do highly recommend and that we're almost finished with) we did several lessons in Little Stories for Little Follks. We did more and she loved it. In fact, she was extra happy, because we did worksheets! Kids are weird.


nicole said...

Your 15 month old and my 19 month old would be good friends. She loves wearing shoes.

Michelle Smiles said...

She looks like Cindy Lou Who!

Lori said...

The Princess is obsessed with shoes as well.

It amazes me that your little guy just falls asleep, anywhere. I need a model like that...

Bronwyn said...

Maggie is just finishing up the Percy Jackson Series and loved it.

J is as cute as a button, love her hair-do.

Janis Gore said...

She does look like Cindy Lou Who. What a darlin'.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. He's sleeping with a GUN in his hand?! Well, I guess it makes a change from hammers.

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