Friday, November 13, 2009

Quick Takes


With the birthday this month of my now five year old, I have the perfectly odd family. (No cheap shots about how my family was already perfectly odd!) The kids are now ages 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. Unfortunately, the oldest has to go and have a birthday in December and spoil it all.

In the meantime, my lovely five year old is commonly referred to by her parents as The Beeb for her incessant news reporting (sometimes called tattling) and the fact that she often acts as a one girl grievance committee.

Despite this, when she is good, she is very, very good. Incredibly smart, sweet and fun to be around. I think we'll keep her.


For months, I have said I was going to try making my own yogurt and for months, I have kept buying tubs of yogurt at the store. Finally, on Monday I did it. I made my own. It was easy and delicious! I used these two recipes, upping the dry milk to 1 cup. I like how the former of the two recipes gives temperatures, not just times, because my crockpot burns a bit hotter, I guess and I was able to use my oven thermometer to verify that I needed a bit less time than the Crockpot365 recipe suggested. With 1 cup of dried milk added, the yogurt isn't even particularly runny. We've been eating yogurt every day since and I've even made a second batch already. Woo hoo!


Just in time for St. Margaret of Scotland's feast day on November 16, I've added a coloring page of her to the side bar.


Last week the one year old had a stomach bug and milk was making her vomit. Apparently, one can develop a temporary (at least I hope it is temporary) milk intolerance. Fortunately for my sanity, she does fine with kefir and yogurt. Kefir, however, is liquid gold, which is one of the reasons I finally broke down and made my own yogurt. Throw some frozen fruit and yogurt in the blender and it's close enough to please a 1 year old.


What is your favorite vegetable recipe for Thanksgiving? I can make a great turkey. My cranberry sauce is awesome. I love our cornbread dressing and all the rest, but I can never seem to hit on the perfect Thanksgiving vegetables. I'm open to suggestions! With the caveat that green bean casserole is right out.


My five year old is almost finished with Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. As one of my homeschooling friends mentioned recently, the word "easy" in the title should be dropped. It's been a long slog through the book and it is the fourth time I've gone through it, with at least two more kids left to teach. It's a great method, but teaching phonics is like potty training. I dread them both.


Coming up with something else to add is taking too much brain power, so I'll just wish you all a pleasant weekend!

Quick Takes hosted by Jen, as always.


Diane said...

LOL at the "perfectly odd" - I would have left it at "perfect".

When I get home, I'll shoot over a recipe for roasted veggies. Essentially, you toss carrots, onion, turnip (well, if you're not me) and potatos (could use sweet potatos here) with some olive oil and herbs, and roast at a fairly high temp, stirring every so often. What makes them extra good, though, is that when you take them out of the oven, you toss them with a tiny bit more oil and a bit of balsamic vinegar. It brings the roasted flavor to the fore - I adore carrots and onion done this way.

Or you can go the easy way, and do corn on the cob =-)

Bronwyn said...

Do you have any preferences in mind? Do you have a favorite vegetable? Did you want a casserole type dish, or more of a plain dish? Roasted asparagus with shaved parmesan is always nice and super easy. I'm a fan of the nice crisp green beans of just boiled green beans tossed with a little butter and salt. I like the nice bright green color against the lighter potato, the red cranberry sauce, and the brown of the turkey. No green bean casserole for me either!

Janis Gore said...

I like this casserole, if you can find the ingredients. It's not seasonal, but it is tasty and nutritious.

Lenise said...

We tried a recipe from one of the magazines I was subscribed to (I think it was BH&G) for mashed potatoes that had cream cheese in them, and I think they got baked after you mashed 'em & mixed it all up. Totally lost the recipe, but it was good! Maybe that'll inspire you, since I can't do any better than that :(

Herb of Grace said...

Do you make your own kefir? It's totally worth the initial investment to buy the grains. We scarf the stuff down! And now I make kefir cheese, too and the whey left over is so nutricious!

Carrien said...

You can make your own kefir too. Check out Cultures for Life for a starter. It's actually easier to make than yogurt I hear. :)

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