Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday Three

Listen up whippersnappers. Back in the old days when the blogosphere was young and all, there was a most excellent blogger who went by the name of PossumDaddy -- or Terry Oglesby -- whichever you preferred. He was one of the funniest, bestest bloggers out there in the digital land. And then he up and got a better job that required actual work and the fun came to an end. Possumblog was gone. Except when Terry decided Not to Blog (tm) about something now and again. Sigh.

Back in the day, Terry also hosted the weekly Thursday Three, when he posed three questions and if you answered them wrong you fell into a deep gorge. Or something like that. For Jim Smith's birthday (one of the Possumblog entourage, as it were) there is a special, all new question and answer session. Which I feel compelled to take part in.

1. What one person are you most thankful for this year?

My husband. He puts up with me and gets up and goes to work every day just to see that we're all clothed and fed. Not to mention the fact that he's awfully handsome.

2. What one thing are you most thankful for this year?

Maybe not what I'm really most thankful for, because I'm not sure what I'm really most thankful for (maybe the roof over my head?), but I'm very, very glad to have a copy of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. I do so much more bread baking and pizza making and similar things than I ever have before.

3. What one event are you most thankful for this year?

It's an ongoing event, but I am most thankful that I can stay home and educate the kidlets. Even when, like now, it means I have jars of dirt and water on my window sill (an experiment don't you know?) and in the rest of the house the dirt isn't so well contained.

AND, as a big fat bonus unquestion:

4. So, how’s it going? How’ve you been lately?

I'm tired. I never get as much done as I would like, but some how the days keep going by anyway. The kids keep growing and so do I, but not in the same direction.

Any of you out there are welcome to join in the Old Skool Not-Blogging Frivolity at Terry's Place or just let me know in the comments -- what are you thankful for and what are you up to these days?


Terry said...

Thank you--as you know, I live for constant positive reinforcement.

Marc said...

Kristal (and I'm sure most of the other HS moms) has the same issue of not having enough time but somehow getting through the day. You just prioritize, love on them the best you can and move on.

"awfully handsome"? I'm almost confused, though I'm sure you meant in a "hottie" way.

rowena___. said...

wow, that is almost exactly what i would have listed for my three "thankfuls", except that i would have said my husband instead of yours. LOL

Teach Your Child To Read said...

I am constantly amazed by homeschooling moms and the dedication they have. Here in Spain homeschooling is not allowed.

As a teacher in a private school with three kids, two of whom are young we also have lots of experiments in the house. Unfortunately most of them are "How long can we get by without tidying up"?

Musings of a Housewife said...

I am so very thankful for my home and the neighborhood we live in - full of good friends and comfort and security.

And I'm up to... um, Christmas shopping? Blogging? Designing? Christmas cards? Laundry? Cooking?

In other words, the usual, plus the holiday festivities.

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